(For the Amazon Seller Looking for a slight edge)

Not getting the sales you want from your Amazon business?

Don’t fall for the costly trap of buying “good-looking” product photography from “professional photographers”.

You need REAL MARKETERS to GET YOU SALES by shooting photos that are ENGINEERED to get more clicks.  


  • Cash in on your pay per click ads.  Product photography is the number one thing consumer’s use to make purchasing decisions on Amazon.  Better Conversions = Lower Advertising Cost of Sale = More Profit
  • Don't get needless negative reviews & returns.  22% of returns & refunds occur because the “product looks different in the picture than in person”.
  • Charge more! Buyers are willing to pay 15% more for purchases, if above average image quality assured them they were buying a quality product.
  • Earn the sales that nobody else can! Well executed image plans can be used to smash away possible objections, erase bad reviews, and steal sales from your competitors.

There’s ONE blazingly obvious thing holding you back from predictable success selling on Amazon... 

We are the FIRST professional Amazon photography service to offer a “get-the-click”/ direct-response-marketing mindset. 


You’re in the business to sell things, not have nice looking product-images. You want people clicking and buying from you, not just scrolling past your product on the crowded Amazon search results page.

What if one-little thing could just make that happen for you...

So why not have all your product images engineered to capture attention needed to get the clicks and sales over your competition?

No matter how much money you throw on PPC, no one clicks a product with crappy images.

That’s why we use our seven-phase Amazon product research formula to deliver the best possible plan for your product. So we can make sure we can deliver on that promise to get you more clicks and sales.

The cost of being in this business and the time you’ve already invested into this is far too high for you NOT to pay attention to something this important to your business.

If you don’t get your images right, you’re most-likely flushing thousands of dollars in potential sales down the drain. Dollars that we want to help you reclaim, so you aren’t left stuck sitting on unsold inventory. Like the thousands of Amazon sellers that fail in this business.

Today is the day for you to stop giving away your Amazon sales to your competitors. Bland and basic product photography costs much more than you than you'd think!  

The first step to marketing your product is getting eyeballs on YOUR product and attention away from your competitors.

Your product must be seen and noticed before you can be bought from!

Without awareness, you’re shutting your doors to any customer looking to buy something similar to what you’re selling.

Imagine having a “closed” sign on an ice cream shop in the middle of a July heatwave. That’s no fun for anybody.

Yes, your reviews are important.

Yes, your copy is important.

Yes, your product is important.

Yes, your price is important.

Yes, your brand is important.

But your MAIN IMAGE...

The main image is the FIRST thing seen by a potential buyer. We are a visual species. A page full of the same looking product lulls the human eye to sleep.

But what if your main image went against the grain and STOOD OUT?

If you aren’t standing out... then you’re probably losing more sales than you’d want to know. And paying too much per sale with any of your pay-per-click advertising efforts.

But if you are, then you’ve got a rock solid chance to grow your business. 

Beat Your Competitors with Professional Amazon Product Photography that Converts

If you guessed the photo on the left, you’d be correct by an 11-to-1 ratio!

(We tested it) 

After Thousands of photos created for clients, we’ve nailed down seven steps to optimizing your product photos. So you can be sure to get the click and stand out from your competition!

Like Cherie, a stay at home mom who saw her sales increase by over 2200%. We brought to life the right images for her based on a carefully crafted strategy for her listing in her specific market.


Below you’ll read some of the steps we follow...

  • Understand the “Page-One” landscape of your product’s search results and their photos. 

    It’s important to know what’s already working well so you can model and learn from it. It’s also important to spot any places for you to stand out.
  • Analyze the overall color scheme on the first page

    Is there a common color that keeps popping up? If there is, it’s probably working. But it also gives you the opportunity to work against it.
  • Using the power of “color theory”, make your image stand out with complementary colors. Something the human eye automatically pays attention to.

    Putting two complementary colors together makes them pop and contrast. This will make your image vibrant and more noticeable so you get more clicks and sales.
  • Look for patterns in the top eight best-sellers

    If you recognize a pattern that’s a good thing. It means you’ve got a golden opportunity to interrupt the pattern. With a picture that goes against the grain and grabs attention.

  • Scope out the competitions entire image lineup

    Your main image isn’t the only thing that can bring you more sales. Many times buyers will drift through a few offerings before they buy the right one. If your image lineup presents more of a complete showcase of the product, then it’s an easy way to get a sale.  Show more, sell more.

  • Find 3-star and below reviews to analyze for a product to picture mismatch

    (22% of returns occur because the product looks different in person)

    This is a great opportunity to learn what not to do so your product doesn’t end up getting returned. And display products that meet consumer expectations.

  • Get real life data

    Get real consumer data by using a little known way of getting real Amazon Prime Members telling you which images will work the best So you know exactly which picture works best before you let it go viral! 

Sure you could do all of this yourself. You could spend hours doing the competitor research. And spend thousands of dollars buying the camera and lighting equipment. You could even hire models (like we do) to demonstrate your product in action.

But what if you just hired the experts to do it all for you? 

What makes us tick?

We know how hard business can be at times but we also know how rewarding it can be when done right. For that, we're obsessed with helping our clients beat their competition in the Amazon Search Results. When you gain a competitive edge working with us, that's business done right.


Having good looking photos does not automatically convert into better sales. You need much more out of a photographer.

There are countless Amazon Product Photographers claiming to take amazing photos for sellers. But that's all they do for their clients. They just take photos. You need a marketer that understands how and what makes people buy.

And to the do-it-yourselfers shooting pictures on an iphone, I’m going to be blunt. You stand no chance against the top 75% of sellers.

With us, you're not paying only for the pictures. You're paying us for the research, our experience, and the implementation.

You’re paying for the entire plan.

It takes strategic marketing and real life data to optimize your product images.

You're paying for an end product that actually converts for you to get more clicks. Earns you more sales.

And increases your organic ranking while also lowering your PPC costs (ACOS) .

Not to mention helping you escape bad reviews.

That's what makes us different.

We are conversion focused first, and we are ready to help smart sellers grow their Amazon business.

What Our Clients HAVE TO Say ABOUT US

We don't go for the sale, we go for your referral! 

Jeff S.

Amazon Seller

We began working with Albert and Zon Photography after being referred by a trusted resource. Our initial engagement was to photograph a new product for an upcoming product release.

From the beginning we were greatly impressed with the organized process to kick off the project as well as the timeliness of the communications. Albert is very clear and concise.

The delivery certainly met our high expectations, and was very punctual. We then asked if he could help with the infographics for the final advertising images. He readily agreed, then he and his team again delivered a wonderful product with very few timely revisions.

Albert then agreed to help us with the package design and insert card for the product, and we couldn't be happier with the complete package delivered.

Zon Photography is very highly recommended by us, and we will certainly use him in the near future. Worth every penny.

Niko M.

Amazon Seller

Do you like having peace of mind? Stunning, high converting, sellable, and may I say...sexy ecomm/amazon photos?

This is exactly what Al and Zon Photography delivered to me in the form of product shots, info-graphics, lifestyle photos (with model), revisions, and post edits!

The entire process was very well organized from the get go and easy to follow. We had a clear and open line of communication; responding promptly to any questions or concerns I had throughout the entire process - not just the beginning.

In addition, they provided invaluable insight as to what converts and what to avoid. It'll prob save me a few bucks in the long run ;).

Overall, these guys really went and above and beyond to get our project done to our specs. I am beyond satisfied with their work and plan on working with them again.

Thanks ZON, you ROCK!!!

Alexia K.

Amazon Seller

We are very grateful that we met Albert. He and his team are very trustworthy and have a high taste of aesthetic. The final lifestyle photos we received are way beyond expectation.

We'd like to share a little story that states how this team is willing to take the responsibility. The sample we had sent out could not deliver to the right address. The USPS withheld and transferred our sample to various post offices. The people in the post office themselves couldn't locate the shipment even with their own system. Albert went to post offices one after another and finally found it after running around for a week! We could not thank Albert enough for his perseverance. To ask us for a new sample is the simplest way, but they chose to do the hard work. This saved us money as well as time when our sample is relatively big and has to ship internationally. Anyone who wants to send samples to Zon photography, please use other express service instead of USPS.

Not only white background photos, they did great job on lifestyles. They can also customized and manipulate your photo into difference scenes if not available in the studio. We are happy customer and recommend everyone who's in need of stunning photos to boost your sales gets in touch with Zon photography! They deliver!



This is the second order we placed with Albert at Zon Product Photography and the entire experience was Fantastic!

He has a systematized approach to turning your vision Into a reality! Clearly takes his craft seriously and went above and beyond for me to ensure we were not only happy with our images we were blown away with the final result!


Amazon Seller

Albert was awesome to work with! He was very open to the ideas I had in mind and went above my expectations on delivery of professional photos that I'm 100% positive will boost my sales of my FBA product.

I provided him a shot list, sample ideas and competitor listing and he really integrated all of it to take really great shots and create eye-catching infographics.

He even gave me the opportunity to review which shots I liked best before he edited them. The lifestyle photos were beautiful and the main image photos came out awesome as well! I couldn't be happier! Thank you Albert, I will be contacting you for my next product launch!

Also, to add: After partnering with Albert and optimizing my listing, my sales increased 2200%!!! I am not even kidding, look at my screen shot...Thank you Albert!


Amazon Seller

Albert is very professional, fast and the quality & staging of the images is just stunning!

I would definitely work with him in future projects. I recommend !


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